Skyway offers 3D Scanning, Design and Modeling Services which can provide customized access plans that vastly improve scope identification, provide better solutions for multiple trades, reduce costly field modifications and overall scaffold costs.

Our 3D Scanning Services offers new innovative and efficient methods to create highly effective digital models of existing facilities. Today’s digital scanning technology can create sophisticated 3D Models capable of revolutionizing the approach to planning and executing Opex work including maintenance, shutdown, repair, inspection and capital projects within existing facilities.

Entire units or facilities can be scanned in a relatively short period of time, and data rendered by supercomputers to create 3D models. Our data capture methods ensure that information can be integrated into any design software used by our clients making it very versatile.

The Benefits?

  • Better Scope Identification & Overall Planning
  • More Effective Access Solutions
  • Better Access = Higher Productivity of All Trades
  • Less Re-Work / Modifications
  • Reduced Manpower
  • Increased Safety
  • Increased Predictability
  • Increased Reliability

Over a short period of time, a database of accesses can be custom designed and fit for purpose for any maintenance or shutdown task, enhancing future predictability, cost controls, and continuous improvement.