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Beta Max Portable Hoist
Meets or Exceeds UL, CSA & OSHA Specifications
For more than 20 years, Beta Max has offered material handling systems that are job-site flexible, job-site tough, and quick and easy to install. Designed for easy service and long-lasting performance.

Beta Max Portable Hoists offer these excellent features:

 Push Button Pendant Control makes up and down movement safe and easy. Most Beta Max hoists come standard with a six-foot operator's pendant and the ability to extend the pendant for cable remote control
 Positive and Secure Electrical Connections are standard on Beta Max equipment. Heavy-duty power and pendant connections are designed to hold up in severe service conditions, and power and control cables are extra-tough for rugged use
 Failsafe Brake holds the load securely when not lifting or lowering. Loads are powered up and powered down; no freefalling or slipping
 Non-Rotating Cable helps keep loads from spinning while lifting or lowering. Safety Limit Control eliminates the worry of accidentally lifting materials too far and damaging the cable drum
 Electrical Controller is simple, rugged and efficient using a sturdy UL approved enclosure. Designed for easy service and long–lasting performance, each unit is equipped with an overload–sensing device to protect the motor from damage caused by overwork or poor power supply. Variable speed controlling device available on some models
 Extended Life Gearbox with sealed oil bath gear reduction is guaranteed for 5 years. Sturdy motor housing is designed for cool running and long life. Special internal brake is maintenance–free

Portable Hoist Specifications
  Lifting Capacity (lbs) Lifting Height (ft) Lifting Speed (fpm) AC
Power **
Weight (lbs) Operator Control Mounting Options
Beta Lite 200/400* 50/25* 50/25* 110V 12A 25 Remote Post Mount or Monorail
Eclipse 300 75 75 110V 75 Remote
Post Mount
Scorpio Plus 400 80 80 110V 13A 75 Remote
Post Mount or Monorail
Scorpio Plus XL 400 160 80 110V 13A 90 Remote
Post Mount or Monorail
Gemini Plus 600/1200* 160/80* 80/40* 110V-13A or 220V-8A 135 Remote
Post Mount or Monorail
New Yorker Plus   600 350 80 220V-8A 155 Remote

Post Mount

Leo 2000* 80* 40* 220V-10A
(3 phase)
220 Remote
Post Mount or Monorail

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